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       Orange Research Labs is a National leader in the field of Robotics and Embedded Systems. Orange Research Labs is empowered by automated services on the cutting edge technologies in the fields of Robotics and Embedded Systems to have a flexible and adatable life. Currently Orange Research Labs is based in Hyderabad and expanding its services across Andhra Pradesh.

   Promotes the techno-crats.
   Embed Technologies in your Knowledge Base.
   Integrating Theory & Practical.
   Fuse course streams to create apps.
   Professional Guidance to all your dreams.

Upcoming Events
 Embedded Course on 8051:
Venue: Assistive Technology Lab, BVRIT
Dates: Coming Up.
Content: Click Here.
Speaker: MSR - Developer & CEO
Register: OPEN.

 C and C++ Course :
Venue: e-Seminar Hall, Orange Research Labs.
Dates: May 09 - August 10 2014.
Content: Click Here.
Speakers: MSR - Internationally Certified Professional
Register: CLOSED.

Dates: Coming Up.
Speakers: MSR - Developer & CEO
Register: OPEN.

Venue: e-Seminar Hall, Orange Research Labs
Dates: August 1, 2014 to January 1, 2015.
Content: Click Here.
Speakers: Team ORL.
Register: OPEN.

Our Testimonials
  • "I'm so enthusiastic to do project at Orange Research Labs, the training goes with live demonstrations on each module and self experiments."

    C Achutharanga
    Prof. Rama Reddy College of Engg & Tech, Hyderabad
  • "I adapted 'LEARNING BY DOING', while doing project at Orange Research Labs. It helped me in establishing a nice career and platform."

    Waseem Khan
    MLR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
  • "The project design implemented is on real time scenario which makes our career to stand on my own platform."

    K Kavitha
    Padmasri Dr.B.V.Raju Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

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Robotics Workshops

      As we have well-established research centers in various streams rite from Electronics to Information Technology we have profound experience in developing various platforms. If you need some technical awareness among your community, then our technologists are here to explore and share. We organize various workshops on cutting-edge technologies in engineering colleges across India.

Embedded Projects

      As we have well-established research centers in various streams rite from Electronics to Information Technology we have profound experience in developing various projects. Business analysts can come up with any ideas related to the fields of Electro-Information technologies. Several engineering colleges, students approached us several times because of our quality in teaching, and the practical awareness.

Web Designing

      Internet revolution plays a vital role in marketing and publicity for any product, service, and business. For anything you want to release it in the market, having website is very significant and plays a crucial role in marketing and publicity. Need of a website, then why can't you approach us. We stand for Quality, Creativity and Innovation.

Event Management

      Orange Research Labs has a prior excellence in organizing and marketing city, state, national and international level technical, cultural, management festivals. We have a profound experience in executing them in a more professional way. Giving "Brand Identity" to each and every festival resembles our quality of presentation.